Live Music

Every night in the main bar enjoy live music in the main bar from local Scottish talent.

Traditional Scottish folk set on Wednesdays from 7pm

Acoustic melodies from 7pm Thursday to Saturday

Live bands from 10pm Sunday to Tuesday


February Listings

Wednesday 1stCiaran McGheeAli Ferguson
Thursday 2ndDave Wright /td>Andy Smith
Friday 3rdNB DuoMike Paterson Duo
Saturday 4thJacobites DuoSteve J Ward
Sunday 5th - Kristen Adamson
Monday 6th - Adam Morris
Tuesday 7th - Norval barclay
Wednsday 8thCiaran McGheeSandy Tweeddale
Thursday 9thCal ClarkMike Paterson
Friday 10thNB DuoJacobites Duo
Saturday 11thSteve J WardAndy Smith Duo
Sunday 12th - John McGarry
Monday 13th - Chris Agnew
Tuesday 14th - Norval barclay
Wednesday 15thCiaran McGheeStevie Palmer
Thursday 16thJacobites DuoJack McDonald
Friday 17thAdam MorrisAndy Smith Duo
Saturday 18thCraig McMorrowDanny & Steve
Sunday 19th - Ali Ferguson
Monday 20th - Adam Morris
Tuesday 21st - Norval Barclay
Wednesday 22thCiaran McGheeSandy Tweeddale
Thursday 23rdJAMWest End Jam
Friday 24thNB Duo Kristen Adamson
Saturday 25thTomlin Leckie DuoDanny & Steve
Sunday 26th - John McGarry
Friday 27th - Chris Agnew
Saturday 28th - Norval Barclay