Live Music

Every night in the main bar enjoy live music in the main bar from local Scottish talent.

Traditional Scottish folk set on Wednesdays from 7pm

Acoustic melodies from 7pm Thursday to Saturday

Live bands from 10pm Sunday to Tuesday

West End Jam

Held on the last Thursday every month we welcome you to take to the Ghillie Dhu stage and join a night of jammin’ with some of Edinburgh’s finest musicians. Talents of all genres, acoustic or electric, are welcome to perform in front of a music loving crowd. And if you fancy being part of the crowd it’s free for anyone to join.


June Listings

Wednesday 7thCiaran McGheeAndy Smith
Thursday 8thSandy Tweedale The Jacobites
Friday 9thNorval Barclay Duo Danny & Steven
Saturday 10thJordan Harvey Mr Wright Duo
Sunday 11th - John McGarry
Monday 12th - Chris Angew
Tuesday 13th - Norval Barclay
Wednesday 14thStevie Palmer Adam Morris
Thursday 15thJordan Harvey Alli Ferguson
Friday 16thAdam MorrisMike Paterson Duo
Saturday 17thSandy Tweedale Danny & Steven
Sunday 18th - Andy Smith
Monday 19th - Bradley Mitchell
Tuesday 20th - Norval Barclay
Wednesday 21stCiaran McGheeCraig McMorrow
Thursday 22thThe Jacobites Danny & Steven
Friday 23rdAndy smith Kirsten Adamson
Saturday 24thCiaran McGheeRiver Crows
Sunday 25th - John McGarry
Monday 26th - Chris Angew
Tuesday 27th - Norval Barclay
Wednesday 28thJordan Harvey Andy Smith
Thursday 29th - West End Jam
Friday 30thFreight Mike Paterson Duo